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‘I Just Froze’ campaign to challenge misconceptions about reactions to sexual violence

RCS_IJustFroze_1A new campaign aimed at challenging the misconceptions about the reaction to sexual violence has been launched.

Rape Crisis Scotland have launched ‘I Just Froze’ in reaction to victims of rape blaming themselves for not fighting back.

The Scottish Government backed initiative also aims to improve public attitudes and responses to survivors of sexual violence across Scotland.

A survivor of sexual assault from the Forth Valley said: “The campaign is really important because it challenges the myths that people should fight back and come forward straight away – as a survivor I can confirm that’s not true.

“I was assaulted by my ex partner, I remember the overwhelming feeling of panic and then I disconnected.

“I didn’t consider screaming or fighting back because my brain literally shut down with fear.

“It’s important to me that the campaign outlines the myths surrounding rape because survivors need to feel understood and validated.

“It gives me reassurance that people’s attitudes are changing and that someone out there is listening.”

Help and information on the issues raised can be found on the Rape Crisis Scotland website  or you can visit the Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre.

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