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College strikes called off after new deal is made

colleges-scotland-logoStrikes by College lecturers have been suspended after a new deal was agreed.

The Educational Institute of Scotland and Colleges Scotland have reached an agreement over the long running dispute over pay.

While some details are still to be finalised, college bosses will now implement the first phase of pay agreement that was made last March.

In a joint statement the EIS and Colleges Scotland said: “Following a period of intensive negotiations, agreement has been reached between the employers and the EIS.

“This has led to the immediate suspension of strike action by the EIS and will enable college management to implement the March 2016 Agreement.

“After the meeting, Colleges Scotland and the EIS welcomed this breakthrough and are delighted that disruption to student learning has been brought to an end.

“Both sides expressed the hope that this would provide a sound foundation for the college sector moving forward.”

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