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Not spending enough time with kids revealed as biggest regret for Forth Valley dads

fathers dayNot spending enough time with their kids is the biggest regret for dads in the Forth Valley.

A new survey by Nationwide for Fathers Day also found that over two thirds would give up their job to be with their children.

Losing their temper, missing out on activities and going out with friends are among the top things dads feel guilty about.

The research also shows that 84% dad feel stressed, wile more than half (53%) don’t think society recognises their contribution as a father. Despite this, 86% said they’re “happy” with their current situation.

The research found that dads in the Forth Valley now spend around 12 hours per week “quality time” with their children- with reading bedtime stories, helping with homework and playing among the most common activities.

The study also showed that dads take more responsibility than mothers for activities such as gardening, teaching their child how to ride a bike and helping with homework.

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