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Flight crew poisoned according to Stirling University.

planeStirling University has discovered a new occupational health hazard for flight crew.

Their new research suggests some crew members on planes are exposed to air that is contaminated by engine oil and other aircraft fluids.

Aerotoxic syndrome can cause symptoms such as – headaches, dizziness breathing and vision problems.

A study of over 200 aircrew members, published in the World Health Organisation journal Public health Panorama, found 65% of pilots reported health effects, with 13% dying or suffering from chronic ill-health after being exposed to contaminated air.

Dr Susan Michaelis, of the University of Stirling’s Occupational and Environmental Health Research group, said: “This research provides very significant findings relevant to all aircraft workers and passengers globally.

“There is a clear cause-and-effect relationship linking health effects to a design feature that allows the aircraft air supply to become contaminated by engine oils and other fluids in normal flight.

“This is a clear occupational and public health issue with direct flight-safety consequences.”

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