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Calls for crackdown on illegal disabled parking

A Scottish Government committee is calling for more action on the misuse of disabled parking spaces.

The Local Government and Communities committee says “lack of understanding” from drivers is resulting in a number of people still ignoring laws.

They also say a consistent approach in enforcing disabled parking would have a better impact on the quality of life for disabled people.

The Disabled Persons’ Parking Places Act, which came into force in 2009, was designed to stop the spaces being used by those not entitled to them.

The committee found the Act is “working well” but some people were still ignoring the law.

Convener Bob Doris MSP said: “Our committee was pleased to see that local authorities and some private car parks had cracked down on the misuse of disabled parking places since the Act was introduced in 2009.

“However, during our evidence sessions, we heard from disability groups and many said there’s still a perception that it’s acceptable to use a disabled parking place- even if it’s just to ‘nip to the shops’.

“We believe this is entirely unacceptable and people must understand that depriving someone of a disabled space could mean they’re preventing that person from getting to their homes, jobs and to vital services.”

The committee’s issued a report, advising the Government to launch a public awareness campaign.


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