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Teaching union warns staff shortages is bad news for named persons scheme

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) is warning more teacher’s and office staff are needed if the Scottish Government’s named person scheme is to work.

Scotland’s largest teaching union says more training and resources need to be supplied if teacher’s are to deliver the scheme properly.

The scheme aims to provide a “named person”, such as a teacher or health visitor, to support youngsters’ welfare.

“Significant investment” in training ahead of the scheme’s implementation is “essential”, according to EIS general secretary Larry Lanagan.

He said: “Teachers are already suffering from a heavy workload burden and it is important implementation of the named persons scheme does not exaggerate this and impact negatively on the educational experience of Scotland’s children and young people.

“Teachers are concerned about the new demands likely to be made of them which will have implications for workload and potentially for conditions of service.

“In order for the intentions of the legislation to be delivered, significant additional resources will be required in the form of administrative and teaching staff.”

His comments come as EIS member Lorraine McBride is due to give evidence to Holyrood’s Education and Skills Committee on the issue.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “The named person functions are integrated into and clarify the role of promoted teachers who already have responsibilities for providing advice, information and support to children and parents.

“We will continue to provide full support to all those who are involved in implementing this legislation which will ensure children and young people get the right support, from the right people, at the right time.”

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