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Bannockburn housing development rejected by Stirling Council

Planning permission has been turned down for a “major development” at the site of the Battle of Bannockburn.

It was proposed that up to 250 homes be built on land between the Bannock Burn, New Line Road and west of Glasgow Road.

But planning officers said the proposal would not respect the landmark.

Stirling Council unanimously rejected the plans, saying they were “completely inappropriate” for such an important site in the city’s history.

The proposal was considered at a special Council Meeting as the application was classed as a “major development”, according to Council regulations.

Planning and Regulation Panel Convenor Alasdair MacPherson said, “The unanimous rejection of these plans by Councillors represents our recognition of the national importance of the historic Bannockburn battleground and this Green Belt area.

“The Council fully agreed with planning officers that the proposals were completely inappropriate for such an important site in Stirling’s history and future.”

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