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Stirling man facing jail in Dubai

A man from Stirling could be facing a three year jail sentence in Dubai for ‘indecency’.

Jamie Harron, 27, was arrested in the United Arab Emirates in July, after he said he touched a man’s hip in a crowded bar, to avoid spilling his drink.

He’s been held in the country since then, facing two charges for drinking alcohol, and for public indecency.

Tourists in Dubai can still be arrested for having alcohol in their system, even if they drink it in a licensed venue.

Harron’s passport was seized from him when he was arrested, so when he was bailed, he couldn’t leave the country.

Since the arrest, Harron has spent more than £32,000 on expenses and legal costs, and has also lost his job in Afghanistan – relying on friends and family to cover the costs for accommodation.

He was due to attend court on Sunday but said the meeting was held in private without his lawyers being informed.

He said: “I am really stunned that it has gone that far. I have witnesses who are willing to present themselves in court, even the bouncer at the bar.

“Now it is possible that I will be arrested on Sunday for failing to appear at a court hearing that neither I nor my lawyer, were advised of.”

Campaigners are fighting for the release of the 27 year old, saying: “”If Jamie is sentenced to prison, he faces human rights violations and torture.”

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