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“Rally For Europe” march to take place

A ‘Rally for Europe’ is being held in Edinburgh this afternoon, with campaigners urging the UK Government to rethink its approach to leaving the EU.

They also want more leadership from Scottish cities, to mitigate the negative impact of Brexit on Scotland.

The event’s being organised by the Young European Movement and the European Movement in Scotland.

Representatives from the SNP, Labour, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats will speak outside the City Chambers.

Vanessa Glynn, Chair of the European Movement in Scotland, said:

“More than fifteen months on from the Brexit vote, the current UK Government still has no clear idea of where it’s going.

“As groups rally up and down the country, information about disarray within the cabinet is trickling down. The clock is ticking with negotiations on Britain’s future relationship with EU still on the starting blocks, and yet we do not see any clarity about the relationship that will follow between the UK and the EU, nor between the constituent nations of the UK.

“One cannot help but wonder when the cabinet will hear the increasing concerns from the man or woman on the street.

“We are taking this opportunity to urge Scotland’s cities to spearhead opposition to Brexit and to mitigate the damage to our country as this process takes place.”

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