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Stirling MSP welcomes increase in real Living Wage

Stirling’s MSP has welcomed an increase in the real Living Wage.

Bruce Crawford says the rise “gives families more security”.

Earlier this week, the Living Wage Foundation announced the rise to £8.75 an hour – £1.25 more than Westminster’s Living Wage.

There are now a thousand businesses in Scotland who are Living Wage accredited.

Commenting, Mr Crawford said, “On the week that the Scottish Government celebrated the accreditation of the 1000th Living Wage employer in Scotland, I call on the UK Tory Government to increase their so-called ‘Living Wage’ from £7.50 an hour to match the Real Living Wage.

“If the Tories are so keen to show how much they value the working population, it is time for them to stop hiding behind their rebrand of the minimum wage and back the Real Living Wage.

“The economic and social benefits cannot be understated – taking away the stress of where your next meal might come from and giving more financial security that can make a big difference to people’s lives.

“At a time when 58% of people living in poverty are in work, this would go a long way to reducing that poverty.”

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said, “Year-on-year, we see organisations and businesses across the UK embracing the real Living Wage as they recognise that a fair day’s pay is not only the right thing but can improve the quality of staff’s work, reduce absenteeism and increase motivation and retention.

“Today’s increase acknowledges that the cost of living continues to rise for workers everywhere, and the leadership shown by businesses who welcome this is a cause for celebration during Living Wage Week, sending a positive message to the business community to show what others can achieve.”

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