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Fire service appoints Deputy Assistant Chief Officer for East of Scotland

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has appointed a new senior officer, who’ll cover the Forth Valley.

Alasdair Perry’s been given the role as East of Scotland Deputy Assistant Chief Officer.

He’s worked as a fireman for more than 20 years.

Mr Perry said, “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service exists to save lives and while we have a delivery model that has served us well, it was designed for the risks of over 70 years ago.

“We can do so much more for our communities through the process of transformation.

“Let me be absolutely clear – this is not about a cuts agenda. Transformation will enable us to look at what else we can deliver, and how, by embracing new technologies and partners.

“You cannot just invent a fire service at times of peak demand – you absolutely need a trained and equipped fire service that is not only designed but deployed to meet the very real risks now facing modern society.”

“My message to communities is that we are there to keep them safe and they can help by engaging with us in CPR events or by requesting a free Home Fire Safety Visit, either for themselves or any vulnerable or elderly relatives and neighbours.”


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