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Prison staff assaulted as often as every two days

A member of prison staff is assaulted every two days by an inmate, according to the Scottish Conservatives.

Information obtained under a Freedom of Information request shows 190 members of staff in Scottish prisons were assaulted in 2016/17.

The figures fell from 204 assaults in the previous year.

Shadow justice secretary Liam Kerr highlighted the problem ahead of a visit to Kilmarnock Prison, where he’s due to discuss how staff can reduce the level of assaults.

He said: “We know that prisons can be high-risk places for people to work, but it’s shocking that staff are being exposed to this much danger in the course of their working day.

“Any prisoner who’s attacked a member of staff needs to be dealt with severely, so they know the consequences of such action just simply won’t be worth it.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service admitted its staff face difficult circumstances, but insisted prisons are not violent places.

He said: “We work very hard to make prisons as safe an environment as possible.

“The number of assaults has come down, but one assault is one too many.”

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