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New funds to support families affected by drug and alcohol misuse

A new fund, aimed at families affected by drug and alcohol misuse in Scotland has been launched by the Scottish Government.

The family recovery initiative fund offers grants of up to £1500 for groups set up in the country to support the families of those dependent on the substances.

There’s thought to be more than 3,000 people living with alcohol or drug dependencies in the Forth Valley, with each person’s addiction believed to affect an average of four other people.

Some family members of those living with the misuse have reported feeling isolated, stressed, stigmatised and guilty.

The fund aims to help improve outcomes for those whose loved ones have alcohol or drug issues by providing one-off grants to support things like setting up new family support groups, or ongoing running costs such as room hire and training to develop existing groups.

Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership have welcomed the fund, saying this is a great opportunity for families in the area to work together and support each other through what can be a really tough time.

They hope more families will be able to come forward and see how they can all work with their loved one on their road to recovery.

Aileen Campbell, Minister for Public Health and Sport said: “Families play an integral role in making recovery a reality for people affected by alcohol or drug use and it is important to ensure that family members are also well supported. 

“This new fund is an excellent opportunity to help build support networks and local groups that will help family members affected by substance use to access the help they need to support their own wellbeing.”

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