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Stirling MSP backs litter-free campaign

Around 50 tonnes of litter is collected at the side of Scottish motorways every year.

That’s according to Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The group has launched a new campaign, urging people to take their rubbish home, instead of dumping it on the roadside.

Stirling MP Bruce Crawford showed his support this week by picking up litter at the side of the city’s Players Road.

He said: 

“Taking your litter with you is so easy to do, especially considering that the alternative is so disrespectful to the local community.

“Up and down many road sides, drivers and passengers have carelessly thrown litter out of their car windows, making the place untidy and damaging the environment.

“This campaign by Keep Scotland Beautiful is a fantastic way to raise awareness in this area and to encourage people to give their litter a ride home.

“I’d encourage everyone to keep a bag in their car for your rubbish, or invest in a discreet car bin to make things easier. If everyone does their bit, we can all make a real difference to our roadsides.”

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