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More than 6,000 nuisance complaints last year across Forth Valley

There were over 6,000 nuisance complaints made to local authorities in the Forth Valley last year.

In Stirling and Falkirk, excessive noise was the main complaint – with rubbish and litter the biggest issue in Clackmannanshire.

In total, there were over a quarter of a million noise complaints across the UK in the past year – with just 4% resulting in further action.

Martin Scott, at Churchill, said: “It is a worrying indictment of modern society that so many people are failing to take responsibility for their communities, keeping noise and other disturbances to a minimum.

“Living next to a poorly maintained property, or loud and disruptive neighbours, can not only be a harrowing ordeal but could also affect the long-term value of your home if you were to look to sell.

“Council enforcement of environmental regulations is crucial to ensure the actions of inconsiderate individuals don’t blight the lives of others. Living next to a noisy neighbour can be extremely debilitating and have a serious impact on the mental wellbeing of the victim.”

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