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Blind chef sets up Forth Valley sight loss cookery course

A blind chef’s set up a cookery course for others with sight loss in Camelon.

David Black, who’s been totally blind since childhood, says the course aims to boost the lifeskills of other partially sighted people.

He uses talking scales and thermometers to help him cook at the Forth Valley Sensory Centre.

David says his mother, who is also blind, taught him to cook – and that’s his inspiration:

The courses last for four to six weeks and run under the guidance of NHS Forth Valley Community Food Development Workers Sonya Kaila-Tierney and Peter Marriott.  They believe that introducing people with sensory impairments to elementary cooking skills introduces them to good, fresh food, rather than fast food which they may tend to favour as they think it is easier to manage.

Sonya explained: “Rather than seeing a GP and presenting with high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes, we are trying to work with people to keep them healthier for longer. One of the side effects of diabetes is diabetic retinopathy so it’s better for us to encourage people to eat more healthily and avoid sight loss.”

Peter has been assessing David’s skills and says his enthusiasm is mind-blowing. He said: “If someone like David can do it, with the barrier he has, I can’t see why others can’t do it. It’s all about supporting people in taking responsibility for their own health.”         

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