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Scotland’s household numbers to increase by 317,000 by 2041

The number of households in Scotland is to increase by almost a third of a million over 25 years, according to official forecasts.

Statistics published by the National Records of Scotland show the figure is to rise by 317,000 between 2016 and 2041.

Overall, household numbers are expected to increase at a faster rate than the Scottish population- growing by 13% compared to 5%.

Anne Later, acting chief executive at National Records of Scotland, said: “The figures published today show a projected 317,000 exrta households in Scotland in 2041 compared to 2016.

“This is partly because Scotland’s population is projected to increase in this period, but also because of our ageing population.

“Older people are more likely to live alone than younger people, and as more people live alone or in smaller households, the number of households will rise at a faster rate than the population.”

The largest projected percentage increases in households are in Midlothian, East Lothian and Edinburgh, at 36%, 26% and 26% respectively.

The number of households headed by someone aged 70 or over is projected to increase by 58%, compared to a rise of just 2% for those under 70.

People in the older age bracket living alone is expected to rise by 49% over the next 25 years- at 146,000 men and 247,000 women. 

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