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HMRC warning over child benefit deadline

Parents in the Forth Valley are being asked to contact the taxman, if their child plans to stay in full-time education or unpaid training.

HM Revenue & Customs are warning eligible families could otherwise see payments automatically stopped by the end of this month.

They say only half of the 620,000 people in the UK whose payments are under threat have so far returned the relevant form.

Angela MacDonald, Director General of Customer Services, said:

“Please let us know if your child is continuing in education or training so that you receive the correct benefits without interruption.

“Leaving school and collecting exam results is a rite of passage and we want to ensure that our support remains consistent as they take that next step into further education or training, so please update us as soon as you can.”

More detailed information about the training and apprenticeships in Scotland eligible for Child Benefit recipients is available online at

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