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Forth Valley Awareness Cards launched

Forth Valley Awareness Card Launch

Awareness cards have been launched to support disabled people across the Forth Valley.

The cards allow people with hidden disabilities to put down any extra support they may require when accessing public services.

The scheme’s been introduced by a number of public bodies, including NHS Forth Valley, Police Scotland and all three local councils.

Superintendent Mark Lundie, lead for partnerships in Forth Valley Division, said: “Knowing how we can fully support someone who needs our help is key to providing the best service possible and we’re delighted to fund thirty thousand cards to support this scheme.

“We want people within our communities with hidden disabilities to have confidence in knowing that any additional needs they have can be quickly identified, should they require the assistance of emergency services.”

Lynn Waddell, NHS Forth Valley Equality and Diversity Manager, said: “This card will help people to easily explain their support needs should they require assistance in everyday situations. It focuses on the type of help required, rather than the details of the individual’s condition.”

Jacquie Winning, Forth Valley Sensory Centre Manager said: “These cards are a great initiative. Our Centre Users have really appreciated the way their concerns are being addressed by this card. 

“The Deaf community in particular who may struggle to make themselves understood if they suddenly need assistance. Not all disabilities are obvious and this card is a simple and discreet way for someone to get the help and support they need without embarrassment or difficulty.”

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