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Clacks Council gets over £90,000 to tackle child poverty

Clacks Council has received more than £90,000 of funding in a bid to combat child poverty in the district.

Recent figures show more than a quarter of children in Clackmannanshire are living in “relative” poverty.

The “Innovation Fund”, which is provided by the Scottish Government and the Hunter Foundation, will provide support to the poorest families in the area.

Council Leader Ellen Forson said: “We are committed to doing everything we can to change the experience of real poverty that many of our families have been living with, sometimes for generations. I’m delighted that we’ve successfully accessed this funding to help the Council and our partners to work in partnership to bring forward a new way of working with those communities, inviting them to make a change and then supporting them in activities that can help them to develop practical capabilities.   

“Our plans closely follow the ambitions of our Local Outcomes Improvement Plan, and we hope to promote opportunities for people to sustain their independence and help them improve their lives, so they and their children can enjoy improved futures and make a positive impact in their own communities.” 

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