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Grangemouth emergency test to take place

An emergency response training exercise is taking place at Grangemouth petrochemical plant this evening.

There’ll be a number of emergency vehicles in the area this evening – and residents are being reassured it’s just a test, and no action needs to be taken.

During this time a number of emergency vehicles will be travelling through Grangemouth and into and around the Petroineos site on Grangemouth petro-chemical complex.  No on site alarms, nor the Grangemouth Community Warning System will be tested.

The exercise will take place from 6:30pm and will last about four hours.

The test’s part of statutory response procedures in the event of an emergency.

Councillor Laura Murtagh, Falkirk Council’s spokesperson for Public Protection said: “We regularly practice with the emergency services and industry to ensure that our response to any difficult or emergency situation is as effective as possible.

“This exercise will see a number of emergency vehicles arriving throughout the town and we want to reassure Grangemouth residents this is simply a test and nothing to be concerned about.”

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