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Drop in Scottish industry greenhouse gases

The amount of greenhouse gases emitted by Scottish industry has continued to fall.

The latest figures show a 6% drop in emissions in 2017.

The data, from the Scottish Pollutant Release Inventory, also shows there’s been a 57% drop in greenhouse gas emissions across Scotland since 2007.

Terry A’Hearn, Chief Executive of SEPA, said:

The most successful countries in the 21st century will function within our planet’s means to support us. Through our regulatory strategy, One Plant Prosperity, SEPA is helping business grow sustainably while reducing their environmental burden.

“Whilst it’s encouraging to see greenhouse gases from Scottish industry at a ten year low, we recognise further progress needs to be made.  The data that SPRI holds is vital to helping us understand how these changes are impacting on our environment both directly and indirectly, ensuring Scotland can identify priority areas to reduce releases and track progress.”

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