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People encouraged to open up about mental health

People across the Forth Valley are being encouraged to talk about their mental health.

Today marks ‘Time To Talk Day’, with organisations and charities urging the public to start conversations.

Tony McLaren is national co-ordinator of Breathing Space, a phone line for people suffering from depression or anxiety in Scotland.

“We receive many calls to our helpline from people who are going through a stage in their life where they may be feeling isolated, lonely or unheard. Perhaps it’s a neighbour a couple of doors down, a work colleague you don’t know well, or someone you pass in the street regularly.

You can make a positive difference by reaching out and living up to that Scottish spirit. Kindness, compassion and positive relationships not only help us to more readily notice signs of distress in others but can also make a big difference to our own mental wellbeing.

Minister for Mental Health Clare Haughey said:

“Taking steps early on to improve mental wellbeing – caring for ourselves and for others – is so important; for example, talking things through with friends and family often allows us to see solutions for ourselves in a way that thinking alone cannot.

Noticing signs of distress in others and taking action by being there and listening, can be a simple yet effective way to offer support.

I am very supportive of the work Breathing Space do to support people across Scotland who are feeling low, stressed or anxious.”

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