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Less than 40% of dementia patients receiving promised treatment

Less than half of people living with dementia in the Forth Valley have received extra support.

New figures from NHS Scotland show only 43.9% of patients in the local area were given post-diagnostic care.

Age Scotland have described the figures as “inexcusable”.

Meanwhile it’s claimed half of people can’t identify a single key risk factor.

Alzheimer’s Research UK also found only a third believe it’s possible to reduce the chance of developing the disease.

The number of people living with it across the UK is set to rise to more than 1-million by 2025.

Age Scotland’s Chief Executive Brian Sloan said:
“These figures are inexcusable. Not only have 61% of people newly diagnosed with dementia gone without the promised care, but less than half of the total were actually referred in the first place. This is clearly not good enough and is a staggering disservice to those living with dementia, their carers and family.
“On the face of it there is a wildly unacceptable postcode lottery which will give Scottish Government Ministers and NHS officials a further reason for embarrassment.
“As the Scottish population ages at a significant rate, and those living with dementia predicted to increase by 50% over the next 20 years, they must do better and quickly. There are big questions to answer about why people haven’t been referred and why the 1,348 people who had, didn’t get  the care they were promised.”

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