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Forth Valley MP staff member threatened at constituency office

A Forth Valley MP says a member of his staff was threatened by two men at his constituency office.

Luke Graham, the Ochil and South Perthshire MP, says they told the women she was “going to be hanged”.

He’s called for more to be done to ensure people who work for politicians are protected.

He raised the issue during a point of order to Commons speaker John Bercow:

“Last night two individuals approached my constituency office, banging on the windows at the one member of staff who was in there.

“She was on her own, she approached the individuals and was told ‘in an independent Scotland all of you will be hanging’, and ‘we will be there at the front cheering on’.

“And also ‘I can’t wait to come and drag you from this office and get you to the noose’.”

“Mr Speaker, my member of staff was on her own, if she was here now she would say she was a tough woman who was happy to take them, but she shouldn’t have to.”

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