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Mental Health Awareness Week gets underway

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week – with people being encouraged to discuss how they’re feeling.

This year’s theme is “Body image”.

Research last year found 30% of all adults felt so stressed about their body image and appearance, they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Commenting, Keith Brown MSP said,

“Taking mental health seriously is crucial for our overall wellbeing and ending the stigma around talking about mental health is a great achievement of this week.

“This year’s theme of body image is one that affects us all and it is vital we tackle unrealistic body images, instead encouraging a cultural approach that focuses positively on bodies as healthy.

“We must also recognise that many of those who struggle with body image may have had traumatic or adverse childhood experiences and that must also inform the national conversations that we have.

“I encourage all constituents to take part this week, and particularly to engage with organisations that provide excellent mental health support like the Mental Health Foundation and Support in Mind Scotland.”

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