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70% of people with diabetes “overwhelmed” by condition

7 in 10 people living with diabetes in Scotland say they feel overwhelmed by their condition.

A new survey – by Diabetes Scotland – found this can affect how well people can manage their day-to-day lives.

The charity also spoke to GPs, with 40% admitting they wouldn’t be likely to ask about emotional wellbeing during routine appointments.

Angela Mitchell, Director, Diabetes Scotland, said: “The day-to-day demands of managing diabetes can be a constant struggle affecting people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. People tell us that struggling emotionally can make it even more difficult to keep on top of self-management. And when diabetes cannot be well managed, the risk of dangerous complications, such as amputations, kidney failure and stroke increases.

“We know that people with diabetes are twice as likely to experience depression. Diabetes services which include emotional and psychological support can help people improve both their physical and mental health, reduce pressure on services, and save money.”

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