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Campaign launched to fight scams

“Stop, report, talk” – that’s the advice from Citizens Advice Scotland as they launch their campaign to fight scammers.

Nearly half of Scots say they’ve been targeted by scams at least once in the last year.

Phone calls and emails were the most common methods of scamming – according to a survey.

Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Derek Mitchell, said, “Let’s get one thing clear; A scam is a crime. It is fraud.

“In other words, it is theft.

“Whether they managed to take money from you or not, the person who scammed you is guilty of a crime, and they need to be reported to the police so they can be stopped.

“I have a message for scammers; We are on to you.

“We are tracking your methods and finding more and more ways to beat you.

“In this campaign we are joined by Trading Standards, Police Scotland, Young Scot, Age Scotland and others.

“But the biggest allies in the fight against scams are the people of Scotland.

“When we come across a scam, regardless of whether it impacts upon us, we need to stop, report it and talk about it to our friends and family.

“Scammers depend on us staying silent.

“The more we talk about them, the more aware people become, and the harder they will find it to scam the next person.

“The Citizens Advice network in Scotland helps and advocates for hundreds of thousands of people across Scotland every year.”

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