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Brad Yule

Five things we don’t know about you….


1. I’m 22 

2. I really dislike mornings! Literally I hate getting up early … go on call me lazy…

3. I’m actually Northern Irish ….  

4.  I can eat for Scotland! and yet I still remain skinny … Some say this won’t last. 

5. I’m also a DJ as well as being a Presenter here at Central FM


What do you love about the Forth Valley? 

I Really enjoy the fact we have so many unusual things here like the Kelpies & the Falkirk Wheel.

Career Highlight? 

Joining Central FM to host Drivetime obviously! but I have also played The SSE Hydro in Glasgow, that comes a close second.

What’s your favorite band?

At the moment? .. well I love tons of music so I can’t really say I have a one ..but since you put me on the spot .. It’s got to be Oasis!!

Favorite Scottish Event?

I really really really (get I like it yet?) enjoyed T in the Park and I’m gutted its not happening no more … There was nothing better and a T weekend!

If you didn’t work at Central FM what would be doing? 

If I wasn’t working on the radio, I think i would probably be designing ships, that was once what I wanted to do.


On the Show:

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