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Brian Woolfson

WoolfyTell me what I need to know? 30-something, 15-acting, should be blond, vertically-challenged fan of music and sums. Rapidly becoming follically challenged.

What’s your favourite movie? A toss-up between Psycho I, Psycho II, Psycho III and Psycho IV.  *tosses coin* All of them, I had a 4-sided coin.

Do or did you have any nicknames? Um, Woolfy. You’re missing the point here.

Favourite Song? Changes by the day but early 90s stuff goes down best. ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ by Snap! is an all-time fave as it brings back memories of school.

Who would play you in the movie of your life? NOT Anthony Perkins, before you say it. Maybe Ant or Dec. We will never grow up!

Night in or night out? I like a night-in out. That means going out, but doing things you would do on a night-in (like watching the X-Factor in TV shop windows while eating pizza in the street).

I love 103.1 Central FM because…? it really connects with its community and plays the best songs on the dial.

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