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Daimen Richards

Tell me what I need to know? I find it difficult to go through a whole programme without mentioning something to do with food … I’m a massive foodie! Nearly reaching the big ‘30’ … I’m married and have two ‘fur babies’ (I’ve been told to call them that!) … Ellie and Smudge.Daimen Wide

What’s your favourite movie? I tend to like a mixture between Action / Thriller / Horror – I suppose you could call it a ‘Acthillor?’ … See what I did there? I really like the Mission Impossible and Oceans series of movies with Clooney and Pitt … but on a retro note – I have the whole James Bond collection on VHS. You can't beat a bit of the classic bond.

Do or did you have any nicknames? I never really had any nicknames as a young’un but more recently shortened versions of my name; “Dai” or “Daimo” have stuck.

Favourite Song? Not a favourite as such … but a true mixtape is always a good idea.

Who would play you in the movie of your life? Looks wise, Ben Affleck … joking, my wife will be laughing reading this! Personality wise, probably Michael Cera from the movie Superbad. He appears to be quite quiet and shy but brings his personality comes out when he’s around friends.

Night in or night out? You can’t go wrong with a good movie, supersize XL pizza and a bottle of fizzy pop to share with the other half and a bunch of friends. I think I’m definitely a ‘night in’ person though … as long as someone else agrees to do the washing up.

I love 103.1 Central FM because…? I get to enjoy playing great songs, talking about things that I find intriguing … and doing it all in an area that I love.


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