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Gemma McLean

Join Gemma, Sundays from 2pm for some great chat and afternoon vibes.

Tell me what I need to know? I like very big hikes, adventures, travelling, doing Gemma_2things I haven’t done before, David Bowie, my tent and food. Most importantly food – it’s the best thing.

What’s your favourite movie? Stardust. It’s got everything. Stars, pirates, witches, swash-buckling moments, funny bits, a unicorn and Mark Strong. It was also written by Neil Gaiman. What more could you possibly want from a film?

Do or did you have any nicknames? Gemmy-Dodger and Geminem. Unfairly, both nicknames make me hungry.

Favourite Song? Oh come on, that’s just mean! Fine. You Know My Name by Chris Cornell…because sometimes you need to feel like you’re James Bond.

Who would play you in the movie of your life? I’m a very clumsy person so I feel Jennifer Lawrence would be ideal…however, I was once told I look like Liv Tyler and I’m very happy to keep that delusion alive, so I’ll go with Liv.

Night in or night out? Both! It’s excellent to have a night out with friends and to blow off some steam but I’d say most of the time a night in wins. I like a film and food!

I love 103.1 Central FM because…? I get to play great songs and you can’t beat local radio!


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