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Joe & Gemma

Today we talked about statistics showing that a quarter of students don’t know how to use a washing machine. A fifth don’t know how to control their central heating. Gemma stopped being a student a decade ago and still doesn’t know how to do this! She remembers being taught how to make basic sauces before she went to uni (handy!) while her brother was introduced to the washing machine. Joe was once talking to an agent one day when a client phoned the agent asking what their own shoe size was!! It’s amazing the simple things we don’t know!

We discussed tonight’s Bake Off. It’s Spice Week…it’s a first in the tent. We don’t know much about it but there’ll be ginger cake and a fiddly showstopper…and Terry will be back!

There’s speculation that Richard Madden (The Bodyguard) will be the new Bond. He does look good in a suit and definitely suits the action genre…could happen!

Allan Dalgliesh from Falkirk played the Money Minute and scored 7. Think you can do better? Register to play here

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