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Joe & Gemma

Today we talked about rollerskates! We found out that 60% of those in their forties had them when they were young…including Joe! He remembers going to buy them and buying an odd pair (one skate bigger than the other) because it was all the shop had left. They were too tight but he didn’t care because he was on-trend. Gemma had a pair of rollerblades in the 90s….she wasn’t very good at it but she loved them all the same.


Bring it to Breakfast was Gemma’s: Have you ever won anything? Joe won a snooker tournament when he was just 10…he’d only been playing for a few weeks! When the Ryder Cup was on, Andrew and his friends played a mini Ryder Cup of their own in two teams…and his team won. When Gemma was 4 she won a competition about the Little Mermaid that was on the back of her toothpaste box. She won a cuddly toy and a pencil topper! She’s still delighted.


The Money Minute was played by Gemma in Bonnybridge. She scored 8! Think you can do better and answer all 10 correctly? Register to play here

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