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Joe & Gemma

Today we talked about the ideal evening in. Researchers have found that for the majority of us the perfect night in involves having the curtains drawn, the heating on, eating takeaway and two episodes of our favourite tv show. Bliss! That’s the weekend sorted!

Bring it to Breakfast was Gemma’s topic: What are you most looking forward to this weekend? Joe’s out tonight with some friends and then going to a gin tasting on Saturday. He’s never been to one before so he doesn’t really know what to expect…what could possible go wrong?! Andrew’s planning to sleep all weekend! Gemma’s looking forward to attending the Kelpies Supernova 5k on Sunday (it’s running all weekend and Central FM will be there each day!). She’s excited to see everyone lighting up the route around the Kelpies and enjoying the atmosphere on the day.

The Money Minute was played by Heather Wilson from Cowie. She scored 4! Think you can do better? Register to play here

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