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Joe Kilday


Joe-Profile-200x300Tell me what I need to know? My name is Joe Kilday and I’m the presenter of Joe Kilday @ Breakfast. I’m in my mid 30’s and my 22nd year in radio (work that out). I’ve never had a “showbiz” age I’ve just always seemed really young for a man in his early 20’s…I’m also married with children and have qualifications in Neuro-Science, Physics and Flower Arranging.

What’s your favourite movie? I love Its a wonderful life – Watch that movie at the right time of year and it works wonders.

Do or did you have any nicknames? Caesar – You may still call me that!

Favourite Song? The lady is a tramp – Frank Sinatra

Who would play you in the movie of your life? Oh, without doubt Meryl Streep

Night in or night out? I’m at the age were one night out is quite enough in any week…So night out please with the remaining six in.

I love 103.1 Central FM because…? It’s just a great listen. I love working for the station and I love listening to others working at it – so I win every-time.

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