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Joe Kilday @ Breakfast

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48% of us say this is our favourite leisure activity, what is it?

ANSWER: Eating

30% of women say this is the most important thing they do every day, but what is it?
ANSWER: Put on makeup

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Did you know…

Apparently nearly half of women in relationships have a back-up bloke – a man waiting in the wings in case things don’t work out with you. A whopping 43 per cent of women have a Mr Plan B, according to a survey.


Get ready to battle a plague of giant spiders unleashed by this year’s warm weather – and now scientists are warning that we face a new six-legged invasion. Gigantic daddy long-legs are expected to invade our homes to mate and lay eggs within the next fortnight.


Today’s The Day

Still living in hope of a third Bill and Ted movie? Good news, Alex Winter says it’s happening and has teased details. The world was first introduced to time-travelling goof-ball teens Bill S. Preston Esq (Winter) and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan (Keanu Reeves), in 1989’s Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, with sequel Bill and Ted’s Bogus

Journey following in 1991.

Do you know your classics? A third of us have no idea who wrote Great Expectations, a worrying survey of reading habits has revealed. One in six were also unable to name the genius behind Hamlet.



Music Goss

• The people who burgled Miley Cyrus’ home in May have reportedly been ordered to serve time behind bars.

• Barbra Streisand is supposedly eager to sing with Lady Gaga after the pop star released her new album with jazz legend, Tony Bennett.

• Louis Tomlinson has admitted he “couldn’t understand” why he was in One Direction when the band was first formed.

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