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John Mulgrew

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Five things we don’t know about you

1. The first thing you won’t know about me is that I have top level clearances at NASA and a certificate in space engineering; also I’m a good liar.

2. I once told my teacher that sweat was blood (that was awkward).

3. My family is huge and contains far too many John’s and names beginning with ‘A’

4. I procrastinate far too much when it comes to eating healthy.

5. I drink far too much diet Irn Bru which my doctor did say was only bad for your teeth and my teeth are fine so #result with that!

Career History

I started off my radio career doing a HNC in Radio at Reid Kerr in Glasgow which technically meant I learned how to talk a lot and move some faders, but it helped me get to where I am today so maybe there was far more involved. I volunteered at Pulse Community Radio in Glasgow for over a year doing the breakfast show from 2010 till 2011 volunteering at events and shows whilst learning quite a bit of experience in the industry at grass roots level, I then finally got my first ever on air commercial radio show on YOUR Radio FM doing the Sunday night show 10-1am which was a dream come true and pretty much kick started my radio career. I moved from YOUR Radio in 2012 and started doing weekend nights here at Central FM in the Forth Valley presenting the Saturday and Sunday night shows, also covering daytime shows when the regular presenter fell ill (allegedly drinking the coffee I made him but that’s up for debate)… I then moved in 2013 from my first stint here at Central FM to host the Mid-Morning show on WestSound FM across Dumfries and Galloway before moving to Clyde 1 where I began broadcasting nationally across Scotland on 8 stations every Saturday & Sunday morning. Now here I am back at Central FM & loving every minute!

Career Highlight to date – any awards?

Well if I am honest so far I haven’t won any sort of major awards but I once won the award for “talking the hind legs aff a donkey” which weirdly I never received, possibly the donkey struggled to deliver it without its hind legs.

Favourite Scottish event of the year?

Well that has to be T in the Park by a long shot, who doesn’t love spending the weekend in a field sleeping in a tent with a whole host of massive music acts. In the future though I really want to experience the Glasgow & Edinburgh comedy festivals which both look extremely fun so as it stands my favorite Scottish event so far has to be T.

What is your favourite band/music act of all time?

Coldplay. I saw them at T in the Park in 2010 which was my first ever Coldplay gig and it wasn’t my last as I managed to see them play at Hampden Park in 2016, also some would say my guilty pleasure is Ronan Keating but trust me I only ruin his songs on the Karaoke….

Which fashion accessory could you not live without?

This has to be my Mobile phone, most of everyone I know will say my nose is never out my phone and well a phone nowadays is pretty much a fashion accessory so yea I think if I was without my phone I would be lost…Sad? Yes, yes it is sad…

If we gave you £1000, what would you do with it?

I would spend it on my Mum She will be reading this “Hi Mum!”

If you weren’t a Presenter here at Central FM, what would you be doing?

I really wanted to be an Airline pilot, More buttons and switches for me to play with…



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