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Liam McCann

Liam-Pockets-200x300Tell me what I need to know? In a nutshell – I love music, dad dancing, and the odd (plenty) trips abroad when able.

What’s your favourite movie? Forrest Gump – gets me every time!

Do or did you have any nicknames? Judith Chalmers… I’m never happy unless I’m looking forward to my next adventure abroad.

Favourite Song? Always a difficult question for a DJ, as I love so many! If I had to pick one, Robin S’s “Show Me Love” is still top of the list… a real classic anthem.

Who would play you in the movie of your life? Morgan Freeman’s voice to narrate it and one of the Twilight boys to be my body double.

Night in or night out? I am slightly infamous for having great nights out, but these days I’m beginning to prefer a cosy night with a DVD boxset and a curry. Although, I never tend to finish a DVD if it’s a night as I usually fall asleep at the first available slow part of the film! Zzzzzzz…

I love 103.1 Central FM because…? I get to give away amazing prizes to my listeners and play my favourite songs. What could be better?

On The Show


Liam chats to Foxes about her upcoming Scottish date & new single Better Love:

Featured fab apps in “App Fab” – listen daily at 3:40pm

AMPME – the party playlist syncing app!

MONOGRAM – the snazzy mobile alternative to making up your CV
SPORTS BIKE POLICE CAR CHASE – fun game that plays exactly as you’d suggest. Think Road Rash from the Sega Mega Drive days for your phone.

HERMIT – uses the LITER versions of popular mobile apps like Facebook & Twitter to reduce battery consumption

EVERTOON – the 3D avatar creator

SLOW GIF MAKER – make memorable moments last that wee bit longer.

VIKI – one of the best clients to view all your favourite Wikipedia knowledge.

SUBWAY SURFERS – #1 choice of my wee one at the moment, free game with in app purchases.

REWIND REVERSE – An ‘always on’ Voice Recorder

MEALIME – Food recipe app

FLURRY ANALYTICS – analyses your battery uses & keeps you on top of keeping your device in good nick.

VIDMOB – put your video & photo projects ‘out to tender’

TRELLO – helping organise you for 2016

TOCA BLOCKS – world-building game for adults & kids alike!

SNOWBALL – combine all of your social accounts into one – meaning you don’t have to flip between them all separate if you’re a user of multiple different platforms. It’s all about streamlining your social experience!

ZOMBIES RUN – wanna make your daily job a bit more… ummm… exciting? This app will pop you into a zombie apocalypse as you run… the faster your run, the less chance you’ll have of one of those zombies catching you!

TWIST  – easy & addictive game.

TRIP-IT – if you need help to keep on top of your looming trips be it here in Scotland or further afield, Trip It will let you keep tabs on all your confirmations and lets you create all the checklists you need!

Mimicker Alarm – wakes you up with a choice of challenges and won’t let you turn the alarm off until you’re fully ready to face the day!

Human – tracks what kind of movement you’re doing each day. Be it walking, running, driving. Lets you keep tabs on just how active you are compared to others close by.

Readly – subscriptions based app bringing your favourite magazines straight to your device for a monthly fee…

Kids Place – a safe mode for your device if you like to let the kids use it. You can create a password to restrict access to certain apps and it gets rid of any possibility of those dreaded accidental in-app purchases appearing on your bill.

Annoying Things – rant away until your heart is content about the things that are pestering you… without your friends even seeing it!

Fetch – point your device at anything and it’ll try and work out which kind of dog it is (NB: works best on… dogs)

Emoji Me Face Maker – make an emoji that looks (kinda) like you!

Draw My Story – ever get frustrated trying to explain something to someone? Draw them an interactive video tutorial instead with this free app!


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