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Money Minute Monday 11th April 2022

Today's contestant was Shaun Hardie from Carronshore who scored 6 out of 10!

  1. Flamingoes are normally which colour? A: Pink
  2. Which pop star name can go before Bieber & Timberlake? A: Justin
  3. Rab, Jamesie and Mary Doll featured in which Scots TV comedy? A: Rab C Nesbitt
  4. Who had more number ones in the 90s – All Saints or Spice Girls? A: Spice Girls
  5. In the film ‘Speed’ – was the trigger set at 40, 50 or 60 miles per hour? A: 50 MPH
  6. Which planet is sometimes referred to as ‘The Morning Star’ ? A: Venus
  7. How many players are in a tennis doubles match? A: Four
  8. Which horse won the Grand National at Aintree over the weekend? A: Noble Yeats
  9. Scottish physician Alexander Fleming famously discovered what? A: Penicillin
  10. How many colours feature in the Stars & Stripes flag? A: Three

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