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Money Minute - Monday 9th May 2022

Kirsten Pritchard from Denny took on today's ten: 

  1. Which traffic light follows red & amber?
    A: Green

  2. Which sea bird is also a type of McVities biscuit?
    A: Penguin

  3. How many years are in a ‘gold anniversary’?
    A: 50

  4. Which Scandinavian country is singer Zara Larsson from?
    A: Sweden

  5. Name any African country that the Sahara desert spans?
    Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia

  6. What is a female deer called?
    A: Doe (a deer, a female deer!)

  7. Which Spanish football team plays at the ‘Camp Nou’ ?
    A: Barcelona

  8. Sir Robert Baden-Powell started which worldwide youth movement?
    A: Boy scouts / scouts

  9.  According to the Eagles, In which hotel can you ‘check in, but never leave…’
    A: California

  10. Which ‘John’ wrote the soundtracks for Jaws & Jurassic Park?
    A: Williams


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