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Money Minute Friday 25th March 2022

Today's contestant was Jacqueline MacGregor from Alloa who scored 7 out of 10!

  1. What paint colours are mixed together to make green? A: Blue & Yellow
  2. In music, which name can be put before ‘Bolton’ and ‘Buble’ ? A: Michael
  3. Which European country is famously shaped like a boot? A: Italy
  4. In Scottish Education, what type of ‘grades’ awarded Foundation, General and Credit marks? A: Standard Grades
  5. Which car company makes the Polo & Passat models? A: Volkswagen
  6. What is the name Bo’ness short for? A: Borrowstouness
  7. It’s Sir Elton John’s birthday today, but in what decade did he have his first UK solo hit? A: 70s
  8. In America, what’s the state capital of Georgia? A: Atlanta
  9. How many karats is pure gold? A: 24
  10. Which Arsenal player scored for Scotland last night? A: Kieran Tierney

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