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Money Minute Friday 4th February 2022

Today's contestant was Craig Martin from Falkirk who scored 7 out of 10!

Here is today's questions!

  1. Wonderwall & All Around the World were 90s hits for who? A: Oasis
  2. What date is it tomorrow? A: February 5th
  3. Which country does Edam cheese come from? A: Netherlands / Holland
  4. Brian and Stewie are characters in which late night cartoonA: Family Guy
  5. If you lived in Dunipace would your postcode start FK5, FK6 or FK7? A: FK6
  6. Without vowels, how many letters are in the alphabet? A: 21
  7. According to the 2006 Meryl Streep movie, what does the Devil wear? A: Prada
  8. Mount Etna is on which island? A: Sicily
  9. What’s further - 5 kilometres or 5 miles? A: 5 miles
  10. Princeton University is in which US state? A: New Jersey

Do you have what it takes to beat the money minute? Click the link below to register for your chance to play!



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