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Money Minute - Friday 27th May 2022

Ben from Clacks played EXPERTLY: 

  1. Thailand is on which continent?
    A: Asia
  2. In football, ‘GK’ is short for which position?
    A: Goalkeeper
  3. Dr Robotnik is the arch nemesis of which hedgehog?
    A: Sonic
  4. Which Spice Girl has had the most UK number one solo singles?
    A: Geri Halliwell/Horner (Ginger Spice)
  5. Which local area is known as ‘The Wee County’ ?
    A: Clackmannanshire
  6. Sodium chloride is commonly known as what?
    A: Salt
  7. In darts, how many points is a bullseye worth?
    A: 50
  8. Is the city of Coventry in the East or West Midlands?
    A: West
  9. What’s the international dialling code for the UK?
    A: 44 / +44
  10. How many events are in a decathlon?
    A: 10

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