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Money Minute - Monday 11th July 2022

CONTESTANT: Marylin Murray from Falkirk scored 5/10


  1. Which actor won the best actor Oscar for the films Philadelphia and Forrest Gump?
    A: Tom Hanks


  2. What brand of soup can art did Andy Warhol create in 1962? 
    A: Campbells


  3. Insulin is commonly used to treat which condition? 
    A: Diabetes


  4. Who direct ET in 1982?
    A: Steven Spielberg


  5. According to Guiness World Records what's the most popular fruit in the world?
    A: Banana


  6. In what part of the human body is the mandible? 
    A: Head / Jaw / Skull / Teeth


  7. How many bathrooms are in Buckingham Palace - 45 or 78?
    A: 78


  8. What's the world's largest rainforest? 
    A: The Amazon


  9. Are the Avengers from Marvel or DC? 
    A: Marvel


  10. Who was the first presenter of X-Factor in the UK?
    A: Kate Thornton

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