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Money Minute - Monday 13th June 2022

CONTESTANT: John Smyth, Stirling

  1. What’s half of 500?
    A: 250
  2. Bengal and Persian are types of which pet?
    A: Cat
  3. What is 4:30pm on the 24 hour clock?
    A: 16:30
  4. When you take someone’s glory you’re said to steal their… what?
    A: Thunder
  5. Who played ‘Iron Man’ in the 2008 film?
    A: Robert Downey Jr
  6. What’s the current ‘minimum price’ for a plastic bag in Scotland?
    A: 10p
  7. Which Falkirk train station is closest to the town centre?
    A: Grahamston
  8. In 1995, which rapper was living in a ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ ?
    A: Coolio
  9. ‘Table Mountain’ is in which country?
    A: South Africa
  10. In which sport would you perform a ‘freestyle’ and a ‘backstroke’ ?
    A: Swimming

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