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Money Minute Monday 21st March 2022

Today's contestant was Karen McFarlane from Bannockburn who scored 4 out of 10!

  1. How many years are in two decades? A: 20
  2. On TV’s Deal or No Deal, what was the maximum prize available? A: £250,000
  3. Conkers grow on which type of tree? A: Chestnut
  4. Monterey Jack is a type of what? A: Cheese
  5. The Japanese Garden is by which Clackmannanshire town? A: Dollar
  6. Who was the lead singer of the band ‘Police’ ? A: Sting
  7. “Sully” landed a plane in which river in 2009? A: Hudson
  8. Manchego cheese is native to which country? A: Spain
  9. Italy finally won their first Six Nations match in 7 years against who? A: Wales 
  10. Who wrote ‘The Secret Seven’ series of books? A: Enid Blyton

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