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Money Minute - Monday 8th August 2022

Today's contestant was Sarah from Denny, who was only able to manager 4 correct answers.


  1. Does the alphabet have more consonants or vowels?
    A: Consonants
  2. Which Scottish Snooker player won the World Championship 7 times in the ’90’s?
    A: Stephen Hendry
  3. Which playwright was born in 1564?
    A: Shakespeare
  4. Which former Scotland player scored 30 goals in 55 games for the national team? (Denis Law or Kenny Dalgliesh)
    A: Denis Law
  5. Which Alloa swimmer has won 13 medals in the Commonwealth Games?
    A: Duncan Scott
  6. What is the capital of Switzerland?
    A: Bern
  7. Phillip Oakey is the lead singer of which band?
    A: The Human League
  8. Who is the leader of the Scottish Lib Dems?
    A: Alex Cole-Hamilton
  9. Which Australian actor appeared as James Bond for only 1 film?
    A: George Lazenby
  10. In which building would you find the Dewey Decimal System being used?
    A: Library

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