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Money Minute - Monday 1st August 2022


  1. Bridgestone and Continental both make which car essential?
    A: Tyres

  2. How many days are in August?
    A: 31

  3. Which ‘Billy’ is often referred to as the ‘Piano Man’ ?
    A: Billy Joel

  4. What is the upper age limit for a ‘Young Scot Card’ ?
    A: 26

  5. In which African country does the River Nile meet the sea?
    A: Egypt

  6. ‘Stamp duty’ is a term for a tax you pay when you buy what?
    A: A House / Property / Land
    “Land and Buildings Transaction Tax” in Scotland

  7. The X38 bus runs between Stirling and which other city?
    A: Edinburgh

  8. What’s the name of the red character piece in Cluedo?
    A: Miss Scarlett

  9. In which country is the famous ‘Maracana’ stadium?
    A: Brazil

  10. What year would a ‘65 plate’ car generally have been first registered?
    A: 2015


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