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Money Minute - Thursday 1st September 2022

CONTESTANT: Victoria Fernandes, Falkirk scored EIGHT

  1. Earl Grey is a type of which hot drink?
    A: Tea

  2. Tissot and Rolex are famous for making what?
    A: Watches

  3. Which sport would you associate Tyson Fury with?
    A: Boxing

  4. Mr Big is a love interest in which TV & Film series?
    A: Sex and the City

  5. Which vegetable normally features in the Greek dish – zat-ziki?
    A: Cucumber

  6. In 2009, who was singing about a Bad Romance?
    A: Lady GaGa

  7. Alan Sugar founded which company in 1968?
    A: Amstrad

  8. St Giles’ Cathedral is in which capital city?
    A: Edinburgh

  9. Which tennis tournament is Andy Murray currently competing in?
    A: US Open

  10. Who was President of France between 1995 & 2007?
    A: Jaques Chirac

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