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Money Minute Thursday 21st April 2022

Stephanie McGechie from Grangemouth scored 3 out of 10 this morning on the Money Minute!

  1. What’s closer to Falkirk - Dundee or Dumfries? 

A: Dundee 

2. How many years are in a quarter of a century? 

A: 25 

3. Debbie Harry is the lead singer of which band? 

A: Blondie 

4. It’s the Queen’s actual birthday today - what age is she? 

A: 96 

5. In which month does our longest day of the year fall? 

A: June 

6. Which city’s subway system is nicknamed the “Clockwork Orange” ? A: Glasgow 

7. Which metal makes the strongest magnets? 

A: Iron 

8. Which ‘Helen’ wrote Bridget Jones Diary? 

A: Helen Fielding 

9. What is the Italian word for ‘pie’ ? 

A: Pizza


Do you have what it takes to beat the money minute? Click the link below to register for your chance to play!



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