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Money Minute Thursday 31st March 2022

Today's contestant was Stacey Kennedy from Dunipace who scored 9 out of 10!

  1. On the clockface, what number is directly opposite 12? A: 6
  2. Holby City was a spin off of which TV show? A: Casualty
  3. What colour are emeralds? A: Green
  4. What’s 24 divided by 6? A: 4
  5. Which blood group type is sometimes known as the ‘universal donor’?   A: O Negative
  6. Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the USA? A: France
  7. Budapest lies on which long European river? A: Danube
  8. Which group started a run of 6 consecutive number ones with their song ‘Swear It Again’? A: Westlife
  9. Who is the current host of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’? A: Jeremy Clarkson
  10. What’s a baby kangaroo called? A: Joey

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